Miniature Roller Skates 1 Pair (White) H034

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A miniature roller skate is a small-scale replica of a standard roller skate used for skating on a hard surface. These miniature skates are made of lightweight metal, and are meticulously detailed to resemble the appearance of a full-sized roller skate. They are popular among collectors and enthusiasts who want to display their love for roller skating. Miniature roller skates can also be used as decorative items or accessories for dolls or action figures. You are viewing a pair of miniature roller skate.

Approximated Dimension (inch): 9/16"(L) x 3/16"(W) x 9/16"(H)

Approximated Dimension (cm): 1.4(L) x 0.5(W) x 1.5(H)

Note: Please keep all miniature models away from children. Our products are intended to be remodeled, for decorative use only and it can not be used as a cookware.

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