1:12 Dollhouse kitchen furniture miniature 4 piece kitchen cabinet set with range sink corner and side cabinets 1/12th scale

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You are viewing a 4-piece 1:12 scale miniature kitchen cabinet set with a range with 4 metal burners and an oven below, a sink, a corner cabinet and a side cabinet. All swing doors are functional.

Approximate Dimension (inch):

Range - 3(L) x 2.09(D) x 3.46(H)

Sink - 3(L) x 2.09(D) x 3.58(H)

Corner - 3.15(L) x 3.15(D) x 3.46(H)

Side - 3(L) x 2.09(D) x 3.46(H)

Approximate Dimension (cm):

Range - 7.6(L) x 5.3(D) x 8.8(H)

Sink - 7.6(L) x 5.3(D) x 9.1(H)

Corner - 8(L) x 8(D) x 8.8(H)

Side - 7.6(L) x 5.3(D) x 8.8(H)

Note: Please keep all miniature models away from children. Our products are intended to be remodeled, for decorative use only and it can not be used as a cookware.

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